All items from are customized to order at the lowest possible cost.  Listed wholesale costs per item on this site do not include set up, new state taxes or shipping* charges.

* Due to the wide range of shipping destinations and size of shipments, it is not possible to "average" the shipping costs into the individual product selling prices.                                                                                      

Please Note: Should you have access to your own or a sponsor's FedEx or UPS shipping account, there would be no problem using this account to ship your merchandise to your designated destination. 

For a complete price quote to include all of your customization details, set up fees and shipping charges, please call: (773) 7752040,  (773) 3869688, oEmail:

We will reply within 24 hours.If possible, please advise the following

* Item(s) of interest

* Details of your embellishment, e.g., print, pewter crest, traditional or customized insignia

* List any additional options you might be considering for your gift, e.g., a second print, larger size glass, color trim on glass, etc.

* Estimated quantity

* Your shipping address to quote your shipping charges. 


For our military customers, there is are no down payments. No payment is  due until your customized merchandise is actually on the way to you.

All costs are assuming a credit card payment and all credit cards are accepted. Should you be able to pay with a check or money order, all costs are discounted 5%.

We look forward to hearing from you.