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Embellishment Options for glasses, mugs, and stainless steel drinkware.         Customized embellishment available for all U.S. military branches

Least expensive option

* Minimum qty per order 50 pieces 

* One time set up fee of $50 per order. Exceptions are our traditional USMC prints where there is no set up charge

*Available on all drinkware items

* On most items, print(s) available on front or on front and back of glass or mug

* Choice of print color 

* Production lead time 4-5 weeks. Little longer in late 3rd and 4th quarter




* The raised metal and detail in your insignia with this embellishment gives your drinkware item an elegant presentation and special look

* Minimum qty for a customized 3D pewter crest is 100 pcs and a $150 one time set charge

* Minimum qty for a traditional  3D pewter crest is 50 pieces and no set up charge

* Pewter crests are available on all of our drinkware items

* Production lead time 5-6 weeks. Several weeks longer in late 3rd and 4th quarter

* Customized to order 3D pewter crest combined with a one or full color print. Your customized print can be coordinated with the pewter crest on one side or printed independently on the reverse side

* Minimum order qty 100 pcs. Please email or call with your art direction and shipping destination for a detailed cost quote

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 Contact information in the scarlet and gold banners at the top and bottom of page

               FULL COLOR WRAP PRINT

Available on coffee mugs and 16 oz pint glass