Young Marines Printed premium JERZEE sweatshirts and sweatpants in easy care 50% polyester and 50% cotton.            Colors: black, red, navy, royal, gold, green, gray heather, white

Youth short and shirt sizes XS-XL, Adult sizes: S-3XL 

 Shield, Swoosh and seal insignias on file. Add unit I.D.  no extra charge. Customized prints available 

 Premium JERZEE sweatshirts

Crew Neck

#562    Adult sizes

Front or back print

13-23            $12.95                                        24-36            $11.95                                          37/more       $10.95

Front and back print

13-23           $16.35

24-36           $14.50
37/more      $12.75

Youth sizes: less $.50

White, gray color shirts less $.50 per shirt

Pull over Hoodie:
+$6 per shirt


#973 traditional elasticized bottom - no pockets

#974 open bottom- side pockets

Adult sizes with front print

13-23      $14.35

24-36      $13.35 

37/more  $12.35

Youth sizes: less $.50 per sweatpant

Gray, white color sweatpants: less $.50 each

New shield print available

CCustomized printing                  available 

 Premium JERZEE sweatpant

Reduce costs 5% with check payment.

The quantity print pricing above is in any combination of apparel ( T shirts, shorts, sweats, etc.) as long as the print is in the same color and size.

 Costs include shipping but do not include recently imposed state sales taxes that vary from state to state. Please call with approximate quantity and shipping address for a complete cost quote.                                                                                                                     To order, call 773 7752040 or Email: