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  CG-333: Switchblade divot tool $6.40

 ZF-300: Zero Friction pro quality golf glove with choice of ball marker. Glove colors: white, red and black - one size fits all     $11.35

MLT-388: Lite touch ergonomic brass or silver divot tool   $5.85

With built-in back clip $5.45

 MM-60: Marker Mate combination 1.5" poker chip and two sided custom ball marker. Ball marker suspended inside chip with a special 360 degree magnet. Ball marker can be customized on both sides  $5.45 

 HC-20: Brass cap clip with magnetized ball marker  $3.40


   CGGC: Ultra leather USMC driver cover with magnetic closing and front & back embroideries  $18.50

CG-480: Pro design divot tool - brass and silver finishes  $3.95

CG-481:With built in back clip  $4.25

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 Scarlet & Gold brass/stained glass bag tag with leather strap:    $6.95

 CG 26: Nickel size raised metal ball markers for divot tools and cap clip   $1.15


Wholesale orders only. Minimum order 6 pieces of each item or $250 in any combination of items.

Product Categories Shown Below. All accessories available with magnetized USMC traditional or customized ball marker 

For more information: Email: or call: 773 7752040

Premium USMC licensed pro shop golf accessories from Custom Golf Direct, Inc

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 Above costs include magnetized ball markers in divot tools & cap clipCosts do not include shipping. OK to ship on your FedEx or UPS account should it be available

One time set up charge for a customized ball marker.

For more information and to order,           773 7752040 or email:           

   CMMP:  1 5/8" large ball marker with USMC seal on one side and Marine Prayer in raised metal on reverse side   $3.10      

 MP-57: Metal poker chip with magnetized ball marker  $4.15