CG-333: Switchblade divot tool $6.25

 ZF-300: Zero Friction pro quality golf glove with choice of ball marker. Glove colors: white, red and black - one size fits all     $11.95

MLT-388: Lite touch ergonomic brass or silver divot tool   $5.65

With built-in back clip $6.65

 MM-60: Marker Mate combination 1.5" poker chip and two sided custom ball marker. Ball marker suspended inside chip with a special 360 degree magnet. Ball marker can be customized on both sides  $5.95 

 HC-20: Brass cap clip with magnetized ball marker  $3.25


   CGGC: Ultra leather USMC driver cover with magnetic closing and front & back embroideries  $18.60

CG-480: Pro design divot tool - brass and silver finishes  $3.95

CG-481: With built in back clip  $4.50

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 Scarlet & Gold brass/stained glass bag tag with leather strap:    $7.65

 CG 26: Nickel size raised metal ball markers for divot tools and cap clip   $1.35


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 Above costs include magnetized ball markers in divot tools & cap clipCosts do not include shipping. OK to ship on your FedEx or UPS account should it be available

One time set up charge for a customized ball marker.

For more information and to order,          (773) 7752040 or email:           

   CMMP:  1 5/8" large ball marker with USMC seal on one side and Marine Prayer in raised metal on reverse side   $3.30      

 MP-57: Metal poker chip with magnetized ball marker  $4.65


Premium customized licensed USMC golf accessories from Custom Golf Direct, Inc. USMC Golf pro shop orders welcomed

Wholesale orders only. For golf events, a minimum order of $250 in any combination of items.

Products shown below. All divot tools, cap clips and poker chips available with magnetized USMC traditional or customized ball marker 

For more information and to order, Email: or call: 773 7752040