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Chester print shown on other shirt colors






Traditional T shirt with 4 color Chester print with unit I.D.

50 polyester / 50% cotton Jerzee T shirt in 6 shirt colors

Print options:
* 4 color print on chest or back
* 4 color print on back and 1 color print on chest

For the 1 color chest print...Y.M. seal and Swoosh available

The 1 color or 4 color print on front chest can be full across chest or smaller on left chest

For more information and to order, call 773 7752040 or email:

Shirt sizes: Adult: S-M-L-XL-XXL-XXXL, Youth: XS-S-M-L-XL

With single 4 color print on front or back

Front print can be full acrossor on left chest as shown

24-36 shirts $14.95

37/more      $9.95

XXL +$2, XXXL +$3 


 With 4 color print on back and 1 color print on front

Front print can be Seal or Swoosh. Option of full print across chest or smaller print on left chest

24-36     $16.95

37/more $11.95

XXL +$2, XXXL +$3

Add a third 1 color on sleeve +$2.50 per shirt

Thr.Etching can              

  On military green shirt      Other shirt color options            shown below


on gold shirt

on black shirt

on gray shirt

on red shirt

on navy shirt