Young Marines Printed premium JERZEE sweatshirts and sweatpants in easy care 50% polyester and 50% cotton.            Colors: black, red, navy, royal, gold, green, gray heather, white

Youth short and shirt sizes XS-XL, Adult sizes: S-3XL 

 Shield, Swoosh and seal insignias on file. Add unit I.D.  no extra charge. Customized prints available 

 Premium JERZEE sweatshirts

Crew Neck

#562    Adult sizes

Front or back print

13-23            $12.95                                        24-36            $11.95                                          37/more       $10.95

Front and back print

13-23           $16.35

24-36           $14.50
37/more      $12.75

Youth sizes: less $.50

White, gray color shirts less $.50 per shirt

Pull over Hoodie:
+$6 per shirt


#973 traditional elasticized bottom - no pockets

#974 open bottom- side pockets

Adult sizes with front print

13-23      $14.35

24-36      $13.35 

37/more  $12.35

Youth sizes: less $.50 per sweatpant

Gray, white color sweatpants: less $.50 each

New shield print available

CCustomized printing                  available 


To order, call 773 7752040 or Email:

 Premium JERZEE sweatpant

Reduce costs 5% with check payment.

Above costs include shipping within continental USA

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The quantity print pricing above is in any combination of apparel ( T shirts, shorts, sweats, etc.) as long as the print is in the same color and size.