Pewter Crest

USMC canteen cup with traditional or customized 3D pewter crest. For a detailed full color insignia, we also offer a unique full color printed dome over your custom pewter crest.

Our cup made in 100% durable stainless steel with handy fold away handle. Our 3D crests are customized to order and made in sturdy pewter that shows your insignia in equisite detail.

Costs do not include set up for custom crest or shipping

100% pewter crest with full color printed dome set on 3D pewter crest. Customized to order

                                                                     100 - 249        $14.45                          250 - 499        $14.15                          500 / more, call for additional savings

For a custom pewter/dome crest, minimum order of 100 cups and one time $150 set up charge

Polished finish - no extra charge

Overseas USMC embassy orders welcomed

Pewter Crest with printed dome

100% pewter insignia crest 

Available with traditional USMC BB or customized BB crest

50 - 99 cups  $14.25 
100 - 249       $13.25
250 - 499       $12.95 
500 /morecall for additional savings

Minimum quantity for a customized pewter crest is 100 cups and entails a one time $150 set up charge. There is no set up charge for a traditional 243rd USMC seal BB crest

Polished finish -  no extra charge

Overseas USMC embassy orders welcomed

Above costs do not include shipping

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