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Attention past and current customers!

We are the same web site you might have previously visited on-line, but with a new look.

USMC is a division of Custom Golf Direct, Inc... an established supplier of premium military and corporate special event gift merchandise since 1993.

All merchandise on this web site is shipped from the following fully licensed manufacturers: Sparta Pewter, USA ( aka. Military Cadence MC promotions, Inc ), Eisinger Smith, Inc, IDNA Brands, Frontier Distrbuting Co (aka. Aquaforce) and Mitchell Proffitt Co.

Our mission is supplying premium quality customized insignia merchandise at affordable prices for USMC, Toys for Tots, Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation and other military branch special events that include Birthday Ball, Mess Night and Dining -In celebrations

We also offer state of the art custom insignia golf accessories for all golf events

The Young Marines is another merchandise focus for our company. We offer custom printed P.T. gear, embroidered polo shirts, and accessories. All merchandise is licensed and priced as low as possible

Contact information:

Tom Huestis
Tel: (773) 7752040